Oxford Research Denmark are to evaluate the Swiss innovation centers, swissnex that, like the Danish Innovation Centers help research and educational institutions and companies get access to ecosystems in the world's leading innovative regions.

Getting access to new partners and the newest international knowledge creates both new opportunities and contributes to raising the quality of research and higher education while also strengthening corporate competition. For a scientist or a company, it can be a hard or almost impossible task to get access to education, research or innovation networks in foreign countries. Oxford Research Denmark has shown in an evaluation of the Danish Innovation Centers that these centers are important steppingstones between Danish companies and knowledge institutions and the international research, innovation and commercial environments.

Oxford Research Denmark are in 2019 evaluating the swissnex-network in order to determine what has been achieved so far in terms of relevance and value creation through swissnex. The evaluation is furthermore looking into how swissnex can be developed in order to create even more value and into the opportunities and challenges that swissnex are facing in the future.

In order to gain insight and understanding of the way swissnex operates in the specific countries and contexts Oxford Research are visiting each of the swissnex centers in Boston, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore and Shanghai. We will also bring with us our knowledge about the Danish innovation centers and conduct interviews with the Danish innovation centers in order to compare the two programs.