Oxford Research Denmark will, for the Danish Board of Health make a comprehensive knowledge cover on prevention of incontinence among the elderly, primarily women. The knowledge cover will consist of literature search as well as coverage of municipal practice.

The majority of urinary incontinence patients are women and the occurrence rise with age. Incontinence has several consequences for one’s private life and quality of life and studies show that people are ashamed and embarrassed about the condition. Some feel they have low self-worth and get depressed.

Treatment of urinary incontinence among women has shown less effective. There is thus a need to assess practice on the subject in order to be able to point out good practices and methods for prevention.

There is a need to assess what Danish and Nordic experiences there are with prevention of urinary incontinence amongst the elderly via the existing literature and through the municipal practices on the subject. It is assessed that there are differing municipal practices and it is thus relevant to assess which are good and effective.

The presentation of knowledge is to create a foundation for the Board of Health’s further work with developing material for the preventive care.