In the municipality of Billund they focus on play, creativity and child involvement. The aim is to create a breeding ground for motivating and creative learning environments characterized by experimental and playful approaches as well as strong communities. This call for the need for everyone to take responsibility for creating the best school offerings, which requires a high degree of involvement of both children and adults across all actors in the school setting.

The Municipality of Billund have decided on a number of different policies and strategies in the school sector to reach this aim. This includes a school policy and a strategy for inclusion among others. In general, the municipality is inspired by the thinking of professional learning communities which focus on the following five pillars of a professional learning community:

  • Common values
  • Deprivation of practice
  • Cooperation
  • Reflective dialogues
  • Focus on students’ learning.

Oxford Research helps the school administration in the municipality by following the implementation of the overall aims over a period of four years. This includes facilitating, developing and monitoring a theory-of-change at central level as well as local levels for each school. The evaluation will both support and monitor the implementation. At the same time, we regularly teach the municipality’s school consultants to use our methods, e.g. theory-based evaluation and concrete data collection tools so that they can use them and continue this way of following-up after the four-year period has come to an end. This is a way to provide perspectives and tools that can remain in the organization as part of anchoring a data-oriented culture.