Oxford Research is evaluating the project “Far For Livet” (Father for Life) for Men’s Health Society.

Father for Life is an initiative targeting new and coming fathers. The aim of the project is to create strong relationships between father and child as this is very important for the well-being of the child, the father and the rest of the family.
Father for Life consists of a series of activities targeting fathers, families and health workers. Among the activities are:
• The establishment of “Dad’s Playing Rooms” (Fars Legestuer) in all of Denmark.
• Development and testing of new activities for father and child.
• Training of the health workers to increase the involvement of fathers in their work.
• Development and testing of new concepts for father’s groups (fædregrupper).
• Conduction of couple’s preparation-courses.
• Development of a handbook for coming fathers.
The evaluation Father for Life should on the one hand contribute with documentation of how the activities have worked for the fathers and their families, as well as the health workers who have participated in the activities. On the other hand, the evaluation should create knowledge for the continuing improvement of the activities. The aim of the evaluation is therefor both summative and formative. The formative elements of the evaluation are the ones that bring insights and learning to the Men’s Health Society and their work, while the summative elements provide documentation of the implementation and the effects of the activities.
The evaluation will continue into the second half of 2020 and Oxford Research will both collect quantitative and qualitative data for the evaluation.
Recently, Oxford Research has work with the spread of paternity leave, the use of paternity leave and the relationship between father and child through a range of assignments. At the moment, we are developing a dialogue tool about fathers use of paternity leave for the workplaces in the building industry, and recently, we have evaluated the effects of fathers use of paternity leave.