Oxford Reseach evaluated the project 'Innovative, Digital Solutions as the basis for manufacturing in the Nordic region' for the Danish Business Authority.

In 2015, the Danish Business Authority initiated the project ‘Innovative, Digital Solutions as the basis for manufacturing in the Nordic region’ in order to further the process of digitalization and automation. The project has, through knowledge gathering and dissemination, focused on strengthening the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

In connection with the project’s completion Oxford Research Denmark have made a result evaluation and an evaluation of the project for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The evolution’s goals were to:

  • assess the project’s purpose, scheduled activities and organization.
  • assess and describe the project’s economy and spending (input) and the completion of the activities (output)
  • map, analyze and assess the project’s concrete results (output)
  • research and assess the project’s Nordic utility and the more permanent results from the project and extract prospective learning.

One of the main purposes with the project was to “create a joint Nordic initiative to submission of the Nordic Council of Ministers, hereunder a Nordic anchorage of the project’s initiatives so the continuously create Nordic value, also after the project’s completion.”
Oxford Research Denmark emphasized this part of the project and the delivering of points with opportunities for future Nordic collaboration in order to enhance digitalization and automation in the manufacturing industry.