Oxford Research Denmark are to evaluate the program 'Barnets Ven' for Save the Children Youth

Barnets Ven (The Child’s Friend) is a role model project and a former preventive effort where young volunteers from Save the Children Youth meet with a child that needs extra attention. The child and the volunteer meet at least twice a month and together they explore the city’s leisure activities, community, culture, movie theaters, cafés and the like. Since the project’s start, 13 years ago, Save the Children Youth have collected and evaluated on the experiences they have made through the project. Their latest evaluation was in 2017.

Save the Children Youth wish to conduct another evaluation of Barnets Ven. This time with the possibility of saying something concrete about the project’s effect and worth so they can ensure further financial stability in the project.
Oxford Research Denmark will conduct this evaluation.

The evaluation consists of three parts, each with a specific purpose:

  1. Assess the outcome for the children
  2. Provide knowledge on the municipalities’ perspective on Barnets Ven
  3. Develop a business case

The evaluation of the outcome for the children is the foundation in the collected evaluation and functions as a starting point for both the municipalities’ needs and the business case.
The project and whether it can fulfill a need at the municipalities stands and falls with the outcome for the children that participates in the project. That is why this part of the evaluation is prioritized.

Based on the evaluation of the outcome for the children the municipalities’ need and view on the project is assessed. The benefit of putting the evaluation of the outcome for the children first is that it can be used actively in the data collection at the municipalities.

The evaluation’s last link, the business case, is conducted on the basis of the first two parts. The business case will be based on the match between the benefits that Barnets Ven can give the participating children and the need of the municipalities.