Oxford Research Denmark are conducting an analysis that is to support the further work in the ÖKS Interreg project "Nordic Job Solution - from Internship to Job". The analysis includes recommendations on how to create a flexible educational form with a focus on more internships across Denmark-Sweden.

The main purpose with “Nordic Job Solution – from Internship to Job” is to develop a sustainable education concept for internship-exchange between Denmark and Sweden.
The project is led by Foreningerne Nordens Forbund and is implemented in collaboration with University College Nordjylland (UCN), Högskolan Väst, ABL Konsult i Malmö AB, Profunding Aps, Jobcenter København Ungecenter, AOF Center Hovedstaden and Högskolan Borås.

The project’s goal is to make it more attractive for employers to hire young people after they finish their education by offering either a prolonged internship or student job. The educational institutions will offer digital/remote education so there will be a greater focus on students getting practical experience and that the internship organization/business maintain a relation to the student. The project’s primary target group is young people under the age of 30 and businesses/takers of interns in the project-geography.
“Nordic job solution” is to further the mobility of young people by creating awareness about the possibilities for doing internships in another country. The development of the educational concepts is centered around the educational institutions that will offer the target group targeted sparring where the students are put in contact with potential employers through a special support package that will also them during the process. After the project’s termination it is the intention that the educational concepts is to be copied over to other educational institutions within the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak region.

The analysis will assess the following:

  1. Framework conditions and practice for internships as part of short and medium length higher educations.
  2. Barriers for students’ internships abroad.
  3. Existing initiatives and incitements for furthering internships.
  4. Benefits of internships abroad.