Digitalization is making life easier for citizens and business as lengthy and complicated procedures have been made easier, user-centric and are even sometimes fully automated. Think about tax registration as an example. However, as digitalization makes things easier inside each country it rarely making anything easier for people commuting, relocating or starting a business in a new country.

In our new study on user needs for cross-border digitalization (for the Nordic Council of Ministers), Oxford Research will be identifying the main areas where citizens and business are meeting digital barriers and obstacles. Integrating different national administration and systems are resource-demanding and the study will point to which areas systems should be integrated and in which areas better information and guidance can promote cross-border mobility in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Cross-border digitalization is on the agenda in EU and especially in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and the prospective is promising, as one of the project managers highlight: β€œIn a way, we are about to form the digital infrastructure between the Nordic and Baltic countries, and the input from users are extremely important to choosing what kind of digital services and in which areas.”

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