Oxford Research has been selected by the European Commission for a large 4-year framework contract with the EU Directorate for Research and Innovation - DG Research & Innovation.

The contract deals with the conduct of evaluations, impact measurements, analyzes and feasibility studies of current and future research and innovation efforts, politicians and programs under the Commission’s Framework Programs for Research and Innovation. The tasks will thus be under the auspices of the current framework program, Horizon 2020, and the upcoming Horizon Europe. In particular, the 90 billion Euro Horizon Europe program will focus on how new technologies and digital solutions can contribute to inclusive, democratic and sustainable development of business and society. Including themes such as open science, inclusive and fair digital development, data rights and cyber security, greater involvement of SMEs and civil society in R&D programs, green transition technologies, etc.

The contract was won together with a strong international consortium consisting of, among other things, CSES – Center for Strategy & Evaluation Services, Trilateral Research, Panteia and Ipsos, with Oxford Research as the consortium leader. Oxford Research was also on the previous framework contract for analysis and evaluation for DG Research & Innovation, under which conducted a comprehensive impact assessment of Member States’ participation in Horizon 2020 and FP7 and an evaluation of Horizon 2020’s financial instruments.