Oxford Research Denmark have evaluated on the Medicinal Council for the Danish Regions

The Medicinal Council functions as a regional collaboration between the five regions. The Medicinal Council’s purpose is to recommend usage of new medicine and new indication expansions. The Medicinal Council is furthermore set to issue treatment guides and recommendations for the use of medicine at hospitals.

The primary purpose of the evaluation was to assess whether the Medicinal Council lives up to its overall purpose and the political framework conditions that has been set up for the council’s work. The evaluation has also, based on the evaluation’s findings, sought areas with potential for improvement in the Medicinal Council’s work.

The Evaluation is primarily based on qualitative data with interviews among key actors that are directly involved in the Medicinal Council’s work and with external actors such as hospital leaders.

The evaluation was conducted in the period from January-April 2019.

Contact person

Deputy Director Rikke Lynge Storgaard
Phone: +45 41 28 60 01 
Email: rls@oxfordresearch.dk